Auto Click ASNB

A Chrome Extension that makes you invest like a tauke.

Do you remember your last successful deposit into ASNB? Or do you even remember how much time you wasted on ASNB just to deposit a small amount of money?

I know the feeling that you wish to invest as many as you can into ASNB while you are working in office. Even if you have free time, no matter how hard you keep pressing the button in ASNB, the result will only show "sorry deh unsuccessful".

You’re not alone, and you’re in the right place!

Auto Click ASNB is a Chrome extension bot developed by an active ASNB investor for all other ASNB investors out there, with our needs in mind. This extension is able to help you invest ASNB with hassle free even when you are working, or frankly said while other people are trying hard.

I develop this Auto Click ASNB that can click on the deposit button every second, a program that will totally change your ASNB investment practice, turn you from a frustrated investor into a smart investor.

So now you would ask me: is this program practical? Claim your free trial now to answer your question!


Previously this program charged RM 49.90 monthly.
But I would like to do some Hari Malaysia Sale that offer all ASNB investor to own this program for

Own this program for lifetime with RM 500.
Own this program for lifetime with RM 300.
Own this program for lifetime with RM 100.

Own this program for lifetime with only RM49.90 now!
*Limited time only.


  1. Able to choose specific fund for invest.

  2. Max input amount until RM 10,000.

  3. Will alert every 30 sec when the page is unresponding.

  4. Spam click to buy ASM, ASW and AS1M every second.

  5. Will alert when the result is success.

  6. Will alert once its kick out to home page (the page before portfolio).

  7. Will alert every 30 sec when its stay on home page.

  8. The auto click will stop running whenever success result or kicked out to home page, so need to press button "Go!" again at portfolio page in order to run the auto click.


Stay tuned for demo video on Youtube!