How To Use

Follow the these steps to make sure Auto Click ASNB Chrome extension runs with greater productivity.

Please read carefully.

1. Open a new incognito window using Google Chrome by pressing CTRL + Shift + N. *we investor always play safe bro*

2. Then login your account into MyASNB portal and go to "Portfolio" page.

3. Now open up your Auto Click ASNB Chrome extension. You can find your Auto Click ASNB Chrome extension from the top right corner of your Chrome browser. Click on the logo and the extension menu will pop up.

4. Sign in Auto Click ASNB using your google account.

5. Choose the fund and enter the amount you wish to invest and press "Go!".

6. Now let the program do the job in background and you can continue working like nothing happens!

7. Once it is successful result or kicked out to home page, the program will prompt you a sound alert and stop running.

8. Repeat from step 3 when you are at "Portfolio" page.

9. If the program not running after clicked "Go!", try reload "Portfolio" page and press "Go!" again.

If you cannot find Auto Click ASNB Chrome extension in incognito mode, do these:

On your top right corner, click the "Extensions" icon and then select "More Action".

Find "Allow in incognito" and turn it on.

Now you can use Auto Click ASNB Chrome extension menu even in incognito mode.