Terms of Service

By using the Auto Click ASNB Chrome extension, you automatically agree to these terms.

Please read carefully.

1. Auto Click ASNB is independently owned and operated, and is not affiliated in any way with ASNB or other third parties.

2. It is your sole responsibility to comply with ASNB terms of service and community guidelines. By using the Auto Click ASNB extension, you agree you are doing so at your own risk.

3. Auto Click ASNB is not responsible for your actions on ASNB while using the extension or otherwise, or any consequences thereof, including but not limited to temporary freezes of ASNB functionality or or permanent banning of your ASNB account.

4. By using the extension, you agree not to use Auto Click ASNB to spam or harass other users.

5. Auto Click ASNB does not guarantee increased the deposit success rate through use of the extension.

6. The developer of Auto Click ASNB does his best to fix any reported errors, however, there is no guarantee of error-free operation.

7. All users must subscribe or do a one time payment by paying a minimum payment of MYR28 fees through Stripe.

8. Users agree by purchasing the extension that they understand these terms and agree to pay a monthly subscription or pay a one time payment.

9. Users can edit their payment information or cancel their subscription at any time through Stripe by pressing the button "Access customer portal" in Auto Click ASNB after signed in.

10. Refunds are offered on a conditional basis if the extension is non-functioning, at the sole discretion of the developer, after a reasonable attempt has been made to solve issues with the extension. Users with any issues are encouraged to email autoclickasnb@hotmail.com.

11. Auto Click ASNB reserves the right to modify, suspend or withdraw the whole or any part of our or any of its content at any time without notice and without incurring any liability.

12. It is your sole responsibility to check whether these terms have changed.